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Mission Statement

Sudbury Charities Fund is focused on fundraising in support of underprivileged youth in the Sudbury District.  Our mission is to work with partners to provide opportunities to children that would otherwise be unavailable through investment of donations in programming and capital expenses in our community of Greater Sudbury Ontario.

Festival of Lights

Every year the team at SCF make sure the holidays shine a little brighter for the entire community. The Festival of Lights raises over $25,000.

Charity Dinner

The Charity dinner is one of the longest standing fundraising events in our community with over 50 years of continued community support. The dinner raises over $70,000

Golf 4 Hope

The Golf 4 Hope marathon event is a unique approach to golf and donations. A group of dedicated golfers push their way over 100 holes in a single day. The Golf for Hope event raises over $60,000. 

Fund Recipients

The majority of the funds raised have supported Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation in order to provide youth with summer programs and camping experiences.  In addition, Sudbury Charities Fund (Foundation) has supported Childhood Enfance and their School Breakfast Programs, the Salvation Army’s Christmas Turkey Dinner initiative, Scouts Francophone du District de Sudbury’s Annual Jamboree, training, and uniform purchase.


Additionally, SCF continues to support Our Children Our Future deliver programs including Dad’s Night, Food Security, Collective Kitchen, and Playgroup programs and have long partnered with Ten Rainbows Children’s Foundation and their programs supporting youth involved with the Children’s Aid Societies.  Lastly, we have provided funding at times to Camp Quality, the Sudbury Infant Food Bank, and All Nations Church Early Childhood Program.

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